It's Spieling Peter
To all the lovely people wishing me luck:

My partner in crime adventure

All of my tattoos will be Disney related :) The current and only one I have right now is that cupcake with sea life in it representing The Little Mermaid. My grandmother is the one who got me into Disney movies so it does have meaning to it :) sadly she passed away of a terrible sickness :/

Always keep Disney in your heart (pssstt, it’s the secret to youth!). Your grandmother is a lovely woman. So sorry to hear about a Lost Girl going away. :( 

Sadly they are the drawings pirates have :( but I assure you I am not like those filthy scoundrels. It will be a drawing of you that will last forever and forever in my heart :)

I believe you! ;) 

Well, make sure that tattoo of me is really handsome and has a deep meaning behind it if you ever decide on it. 

I've heard about the way you reach out to people with self-injury marks. I've battled my own pirates in my day and came out victorious in the end. It makes me happy to see people like you who reach out to those who have had to deal with that fight. It just does so, thank you.

I’m so glad you throttled them. I hope this message you sent me will help others, too! 



Tink is going to be really jealous when she sees this message! 

Hello, Peter! I just wanted to thank you. I have heard so many good stories about how you encouraged people to fight their inner pirates and although I didn't get to see you when I visited Disneyland this past December, you still have helped me fight mine. Thank you for everything. I hope Tink and all of the lost boys are doing well and if you ever need help with Hook you know where to find me!!

Tink and the lost boys are doing really well (though Tootles keep getting captured by pirates!). 

I graduate in a few months but have never had a job, does that mean I technically haven't grown up? I dare hope so, I do plan on getting a tattoo of you though :)

Wendy grew up yet she is still a child at heart. One of my favourite people. What’s a tattoo? Are those drawings pirates wear? :O